In the summer of 2006 Sharon Cornett-Ching travelled to Arusha, Tanzania with a group of people from Canada and the United States. While in Tanzania, she met Fr. Festus Mangwangi, a newly ordained priest, and one of the hosts.

When she returned home, she began working with Fr. Festus to fundraise for those living in extreme poverty in Tanzania.

In the spring of 2008, Magnus and Simon Larsson joined Sharon in her fundraising efforts, and shortly thereafter the organization was formalized into a non-profit corporation. Since then, Ed and Marnie Kalthoff, as well as Dr. Nina Lewis have joined our team. Project Tanzania became a registered Canadian Charity in January of 2011.
To quote Fr. Festus:

“We are mere instruments of God to his people. Blessed are you who listen to the inner call of God and freely do His will. Your sacrifices have made such a difference in our lives. We have not only seen the hand of God, but have also been touched by the hand of God, through all of you.”

“You may not yet grasp the tremendous work you have done in such a short time, bit it is the work of a century. Be blessed and happy. You are rescuing the lives of many people who are so unfortunate. Your names are written in Heaven.”

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