We want to see where you show your support for Project Tanzania!   Send us a photo of yourself wearing one of our T-shirts, or showing your support in another creative way!  Don’t have a Project Tanzania T-shirt yet?  Visit our store!

Russia Windsor Kailua, HI, USA Hotel California, Mexico Alaska Tanzania Belize Selous National Park Rio de Janeiro The Coliseum Zambia Calgary Floods Paris Grand Canyon Cuba Brazil Miami Beach, FL Edward Kalthoff Seaside in Monterey, CA Big Sur Half Marathon 2012 Sedona, AZ Denver Broncos game portugal.jpg
Project Tanzania supporter Oleg in Russia. 2015
Project Tanzania supporter Joan Shuttleworth in Windsor, Ontario. 2015
Project Tanzania supporter Penni Johnston-Gill in Kailua, HI (2014)
Project Tanzania supporter Max Epple shows off his T-shirt in front of legendary Hotel California in Mexico (2014)
Project Tanzania supporter Fr. Bob Dielissen in Alaska (2013)
Secondary Students of Project Tanzania: Innocent, Naitovwaki, and Patrick 2013
Project Tanzania supporter Jim Humphry in Belize (2013)
Family photo of Project Tanzania supporters Ron, Sam, Molly and Pam Vermeulen at the Selous National Park in Tanzania
Project Tanzania supporter Jeffrey Bonus in Rio de Janeiro 2013.
Project Tanzania supporter Mark Smith at the Coliseum in Rome, 2013.
Project Tanzania supporter Mike Chan on his trek to Zambia (building homes with Habitat for Humanity). 2013
Project Tanzania supporter Ron Vermeulen helping out after the Calgary floods, 2013.
Project Tanzania supporters Brandi Swift and Brent Cheung. Paris, 2013
Ros-Marie and Ann-Christine Larsson at the Grand Canyon 2013
Director Magnus Larsson showing his support in Cuba
Lane Snidal, Magnus Larsson and Brady Abraham at the Colossus Minerals gold mine site in Serra Pelada, Brazil (2013)
Project Tanzania supporter Lane Snidal in South Miami Beach (2013)
Board Member Edward Kalthoff enjoying the slopes at the top of Paradise Chair, Lake Louise, Alberta (2012).
Directors and friends showing their support (albeit somewhat uncoordinated) on the beach in Monterey California, November 2012
Director Simon Larsson at the finish line of the 2012 Big Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay, CA.
Director Magnus Larsson shows off his Project Tanzania T-shirt in Sedona, Arizona (2012)
Blair Pytak shows his support while at a Denver Broncos game in 2012.
Project Tanzania supporter Ron Evans in Portugal (2014)