Project Tanzania Inc is a registered Canadian Charity aimed at providing financial support to children, families and communities to overcome extreme poverty in Tanzania. The Board of Directors work closely with Fr. Festus Mangwangi and his team in Tanzania to accomplish our objectives.

We are motivated by God’s love for all people regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

Our corporate head office is located at:

438 Brae Glen Cr SW
Calgary, AB T2W 1B6

Please contact us via email at:

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Board of Directors:

Made up of volunteer members, Project Tanzania’s Board sets the organization’s objectives, maintains relationships with local sources, and monitors the activities being carried out.

(l to r) Marnie Kalthoff, Edward Kalthoff, Dr. Nina Lewis, Magnus Larsson, Sharon Cornett-Ching, Simon Larsson

Sharon Cornett-Ching

Sharon is the original founder and driving force behind Project Tanzania. She has travelled to Tanzania several times and has been working with Fr. Festus Mangwangi since her first visit in 2006. This project exists thanks to her vision.

Sharon has worked as an elementary school teacher with the Calgary Catholic schoolboard since 1986. She resides in Calgary with her husband and two children.

Magnus Larsson

Magnus represents the ambitious development and growth plans for Project Tanzania. His business and organizational skills are key assets to ProjectTanzania.

Magnus works as a Senior Investment Advisor in Calgary, where he lives with his family.

Simon Larsson

Simon is a manager at a global Oil and Gas company based in Calgary. His technical and project management expertise help support the Project Tanzania infrastructure.

Simon resides in Calgary with his three daughters.

Edward Kalthoff

Ed and his wife Marnie have 2 boys. He has been a director of Project Tanzania since 2009. His career in oil and gas has spanned over 30 years. Through Project Tanzania, Ed sees the opportunity to use education to brighten the future for children in Tanzania.

Tanzania Team:

Fr. Festus Mangwangi

Fr.Festus is a Catholic priest stationed in Arusha and some of the outlying villages. He was ordained in 2006 and has been working to help alleviate the suffering of the very poor in Tanzania.

Friends of Project Tanzania

Marnie Kalthoff

Marnie is an avid supporter of Project Tanzania. She is a welcomed addition to the team, bringing insight and acting as an advisor to the Board of Directors. Marnie visited Tanzania for the first time in the summer of 2011.

Dr. Nina Lewis

Nina volunteers her time and resources to Project Tanzania. She accompanied two of our Directors to Tanzania in the summer of 2011. Nina’s medical expertise and compassion for the people of Tanzania make her an invaluable member of our team.