The most basic need is that of food. Over half of all childhood deaths can be traced to malnutrition or lack of food. Adults are also weakened by hunger, often leading to an inability to work, grow crops, or provide for their families.

Project Tanzania strives to eliminate hunger. Before any other considerations, our contributions provide for the most basic needs such as corn, beans, and rice, which we purchase in large quantities and distribute to those in need.

Fr. Festus Mangwangi of Tanzania writes, “The need for food is so great right now, as we have had drought conditions in some areas for the past several years, and now the global economic situation has made these problems even worse. The land is so very dry. Goats, sheep and even cows were feeding themselves on dust and short grasses. The situation is really very pathetic but I am optimistic that your prayers and generous support will make a change and help people to remain hopeful.”

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