To date, we have constructed seven water tanks at Monduli Rehabilitation Center, a facility dedicated to treating adults and children with physical disabilities. Many of them are Maasai, and some live in terrible conditions, far from any kind of available treatment. Many of the children suffer from bone deformities requiring surgery. The children are brought from remote homes for a short stay before they are taken to hospitals for surgeries. After surgery they return to the centre for recovery and are then sent back home. A few of the children live at the center full time, as they have been abandoned by their families. It is definitely a Samaritan service as these people cannot afford the care they receive at the center.

We also supply the fuel required to run the water tanks at St. Gabriel’s orphanage in Mateves. We have provided a playground for the SOS orphanage in Dar Es Salaam, a chapel at a local seminary, we have participated in the construction of a residence at one of Fr. Festus’ outstations, and most recently, we built a house for a widow and her eight children.

From Fr. Festus, “The support that springs from Project Tanzania is just an amazing gift to us all.”

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