Medical resources are typically not available to everyone. Our contributions have provided the necessary hospital care and medications to improve quality of life. In addition, we also support those suffering from chronic conditions such as HIV and AIDS, cerebral palsy, etc. We also support those who may require surgery or medical devices, such as wheel chairs and crutches.

From Fr. Festus, “We have a great number of elderly people, many of whom have no one to care for them. As even their basic needs are not being met, their situation is worsened when they become sick. You have tremendously improved their lives by your support, not only with the supply of food, but also medical treatment when they become ill. Some, due to the HIV&AIDS pandemic, have lost their families, so the need for support is even greater.”

As Dr. Nina Lewis observed on her visit during the summer of 2011 “With poverty a true reality for many, and medical care a true luxury for most, we had our job cut out for us.”

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