Some of our outreach projects include the purchase of bicycles for catechists to enable them to visit the Masai people in outlying areas. Our contributions have also aided the outreach program at Monduli Rehabiltation Center. It enables them to transport children from remote areas who are in need of surgeries.

Through Project Tanzania we have been able to provide money to initiate small income generating projects. One example is a woman by the name of Susanna. When Fr. Festus met her she had no means of supporting herself so she was begging in the streets. We provided her with the funds to start a small business. She now buys various consumer goods at a wholesale market and then sells them at a retail market. Susanna lives in a small two room house with her daughter, who attends a vocational school where she is taking a tailoring course. Her daughter is one of the students we support.

St. Gabriel’s orphanage at Mateves:

This is a center run by a group of nuns in the archdiocese of Arusha. The center is home to eleven children whose mothers are in prison. Many of these children were born in prison and because there is no one to care for them, they also become prisoners while their mothers are serving time in jail. The nuns have taken on this project but lack the funds to adequately support the children in their care. We provided funds to aid in the basic care of these children. The nuns have begun a school, which also serves the children in the surrounding area.

There is a great need for water tanks in many areas as the people do not have access to fresh water. Many families walk very long distances to have access to clean water. Through Project Tanzania we hope to provide more areas with access to clean water.


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