Education is one of our main priorities as many people cannot afford the cost of education. When children are in elementary school their parents are responsible for the cost of school supplies and uniforms. All children are expected to wear uniforms to school. Families are expected to pay the entire cost of secondary education, which begins in grade seven. Therefore, many families cannot afford to send their children to secondary school. Many communities lack schools and qualified teachers.

Through Project Tanzania, we currently support 40 students at various levels of education, from primary school to college, as well as vocational training. Without this financial support, education would be impossible for these children.

From Fr. Festus, “There are many children who come from very poor families; others are orphans who cannot meet the costs of schooling despite their need to study. Among these, the majority are Maasai girls who are also victims of forced marriage at young ages. We don’t have free education here. School fees and other costs range between USD 470 to 1,200 per year per student.”


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